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Awesome post by Michelle


Some writers are lucky enough to have a story in them, a story that is just ready and waiting to be told, but for others, it isn’t always that simple. I mention this because it happens like that for me. Sometimes an idea is just that – an idea – and it stays like that for a very long time, no matter how big it ends up getting! I just have no idea how to shape it. Often my head feels like it’s got one big question mark in it.

You see what I mean? What I can find particularly difficult are the mechanics of the story. The twists and turns.  I mention this because, if it happens to you, it can sometimes help to consider collaborating with another writer. One person’s idea might inspire others from another. For me, collaborating is a natural extension of how I work. My ‘training’…

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I love the line dance they do in the 2011 movie remake, Footloose. It is to a legendary awesome song called Fake Id and I have just learnt the dance! You should totally check it out on Youtube or do it via the Dance Tutorial 



Good luck!

Cat xx

Have you ever wished you were someone else? Even though everyone is perfect in their own way, there is no reason why you can’t tweak your character. I wish…

1. I always got good marks

2. I never got jealous

3. I didn’t 24/7 care about how I looked

4. When someone insulted me I just laughed and walked away


So how can I try to be this perfect person?

1. I always work hard and give my all to my work

2. Whenever I felt envy I just shook my head and ignored it

3. I try to look nice but only take about 10 minutes in the morning, and don’t look in the mirror all the time

4. I make sure nobody says horrible things, but if they did I just laugh.


Do you have a goal character? I’d love to hear about them xx

I know lots of people have quite a bit against e-Books but personally I love them! The books are cheaper and you can store over a 1,000 books on Kindles. However, I have to agree slightly because the feel/smell of a paper/hard back is lovely and a e-Book can never replace a real book. Stephen Fry said “A Kindle is much as a threat to a book, as lifts are to stairs.” which I think is a clever comment and well put.

So… which side are you on?

Or are you like me and love both?

Bye, xx

Have you ever been so bored with nothing to do? It’s a sinking feeling where you are immensely fed up and it can almost give you a headache. Truth is, quietness can be as stressful as noise. Here are some ways to get over it.

Websites: Here  are some cool websites to fill up the day

1) Girls Heart Books

2) Swapit

3) FanFiction

4) Hotmail

5) Amazon

Company: Here are some ways to have fun with your mates

1) Organize a shopping trip with all your best friends.

2) Find a fun outdoor activity, such as swimming or rock climbing

3) Have a girls night in.

Other: Here are some simple and practical things to do:

1) Read a book or write a story

2) Get a film out, some munchies and a squashy sofa

3) Make up a dance to your favourite song


You see, when you are bored there are a numerous amount of things to do. Just put your mind to it, pick a few things off this list, and I’m sure your day will be exciting