Have you ever been so bored with nothing to do? It’s a sinking feeling where you are immensely fed up and it can almost give you a headache. Truth is, quietness can be as stressful as noise. Here are some ways to get over it.

Websites: Here  are some cool websites to fill up the day

1) Girls Heart Books

2) Swapit

3) FanFiction

4) Hotmail

5) Amazon

Company: Here are some ways to have fun with your mates

1) Organize a shopping trip with all your best friends.

2) Find a fun outdoor activity, such as swimming or rock climbing

3) Have a girls night in.

Other: Here are some simple and practical things to do:

1) Read a book or write a story

2) Get a film out, some munchies and a squashy sofa

3) Make up a dance to your favourite song


You see, when you are bored there are a numerous amount of things to do. Just put your mind to it, pick a few things off this list, and I’m sure your day will be exciting